The Safe, Comfortable, Effective Solution for Hypertrophic Scarring, Granuloma; and a soft cushion of Medical-Grade Silicone that Protects your New, or Sensitive Piercings, while Healing.  

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  F. A. Q. 

Your order includes detailed instructions for the best possible results.  Please read them thoroughly. Most of your questions will be answered on the instruction sheet. 


Q:  Will the NoPull Disc fit my piercing?

A:  Both 7mm and 5mm NoPull Discs have a 14g hole in the middle.  Wear jewelry with ends that are larger than 14 gauge, so the Disc will stay securely in place.      

      Appropriate jewelry:  Labret, barbell, curved barbell.  If the Discs are worn with a hoop, o-rings are necessary!


Q:   Do I need to remove my jewelry to apply the Disc?  

A:   This depends ;  If the scarring/bump in the front, unscrew the top, slip on the Disc, screw the top back on.

       If you have scarring/bump on the back, you will need to remove the bar, apply the Disc to the post, and then re-insert your jewelry from the back to 

       the front. Then replace the top.  

Q:  Should I order Standard 7mm, or the 5mm Mini?

A:  Choose your Discs according to the size of your scarring (bump) .  If you have a bit larger bump, choose Standard 7mm.  If you have the beginning of the dreaded       bump, or a very minimal bump, the 5mm Mini is appropriate.  If larger than usual, we also offer NoPull Piercing Disc® Customs. Choose by the size of the bump,               not the the location of the piercing.  

Q:  How do I clean my piercing while wearing NoPull Discs? 

A:  We recommend using a non-scented antimicrobial soap, like Provon, once or twice daily.  Soap it up, rinse well, gently dry with a tissue or paper towel.

      NO oils, pastes, soaks, etc. , while wearing NoPull Piercing Discs.  "Keep it simple" and read your detailed instruction sheet.


Q:  What is the shipping cost?   

A:   U.S. Retail orders $3.50 shipping  -  International Retail orders $8.50 (Reflects USPS First Class postage increase Jan. 2022)

Q:  How will my order arrive?

A:   4" x 7" Black or Blue Bubble Mailer

Q:  When can I expect to receive my order?

A:   U.S. orders approximately 5 business days.  International orders approximately  14 - 21 business days

Q: Tracking? 

A:  You will automatically receive a tracking number, by email, at the time your order is fulfilled. Check Spam folder

Q:  How can I pay for my order?

A:  PAYPAL is a safe, secure payment option for our customers.  If you would prefer to checkout with a credit/debit card, please

     follow the instructions as if you are a PayPal customer.  On the "sign-in" page, scroll down to choose your preferred method of payment.