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The NoPull Piercing Disc®
A small idea with a big result.

ONLY THE OFFICIAL NoPull Piercing Disc® consistently initiates healing of piercings with hypertrophic and granuloma scarring; the common and very stubborn "dreaded bump. This can develop in a new piercing, or even long-healed piercings! It is our Silicone, itself, that can heal this scarring, when in contact with the natural moisture of your clean skin. Piercing Disc® was initially designed for the protection of new, or sensitive piercings, from metal jewelry backings, providing a comfortable cushion of soft, medical-grade silicone.



Please do not abandon your piercing!


The Authentic NoPull Disc® protects soft tissue piercings (oral) and prevents the jewelry back from causing irritation or sinking, which can happen with any piercing when swollen.


When worn for hypertrophic scarring (the dreaded piercing bump), or granuloma, NoPull Piercing Disc® consistently proves to smooth out, and even completely heal this condition safely, quickly, and without discomfort or anxiety! The NoPull Piercing Disc® is worn for (approximately) 2 - 4 weeks, with gentle, but direct contact with the bump.


For initial piercings, our 5mm or 7mm Medical-Grade Silicone Disc should be autoclaved by your piercer, for sterile application at the same time as your new piercing. The Disc lies gently between the fresh piercing and the flat back of the jewelry. Your piercer will fit you with the proper jewelry (a straight or curved bar) which will allow room for normal swelling. Soft tissue, in oral piercings especially, can swell more than expected. The Disc is an extremely comfortable solution, even if just until swelling subsides.

Piercers: We created this simple product for your clients piercing comfort and health. Authentic NoPull Piercing Disc® is such an obvious product in the piercing community, our customers wonder WHY it has never been available before! Our goal remains; for Authentic NoPull Piercing Disc® to be readily available for customers at all professional piercing studios.

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