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Due to the nature of our product, we do not accept returns. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us, via email, and we will do our best to try to resolve the issue.

Your shipping information. 

We do everything possible to make your transaction easy and quick.  Please double check your "shipping" instructions.  NoPull Piercing Co., LLC is not responsible for non-receipt because of an address error on your part.  Your order is mailed within 24 hours. We can only mail to the address you provide on your order.  

Mail Transfer Centers

We will mail where you ask, but be mindful that mail Transfer Centers have a high rate of loss.  Since we have no way to check orders through these Centers, please be sure you are using a trusted transfer center, and are willing to be responsible for a smooth transfer to you.


If you realize you have made an error after your order has already been shipped, please re-order with the correct address. When your original order is returned to us, you will be credited for that order. Our goal is for you to receive our products promptly.

*If your order is returned for an incorrect/incomplete address, a $3.00 shipping & handling fee will apply. 


Please double check your shipping information!

  • U.S. Retail order arrives in a Black Bubble Mailer.  

  • International Retail orders arrive in a Black Bubble Mailer. 


Inquiries about shipped orders must be made within 30 days (U.S.) and 60 days (Int'l). 

NoPull Piercing Disc is a safe an autoclavable product.  However, NoPull Piercing Co., LLC is not liable for improper use of our product.  We hope you will care for your piercings as our detailed instructions recommend. We cannot guarantee your results, however, if you follow the instructions that are provided, you should have excellent results. Your questions are always responded to as promptly as possible.

Wholesale Store

For quality control purposes, our product is offered to professional piercers only, for use in professional piercing studios only.  NoPull Piercing Disc is for use in your studio.

NoPull Piercing Co., LLC does not permit online sales, nor wholesale distribution.

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