This year's "APP Conference & Expo 2015" was a great success. Thank you all so much for your support! NoPull Piercing Disc is now healing piercings in 18 countries!

NoPull Piercing Disc is recommended by Elayne Angel, Author of the Piercing Bible and Piercing Bible Guide to Aftercare and Troubleshooting.

NoPull Piercing Co.
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Welcome to NoPull Piercing Co.™

Thank you for visiting us at NoPull Piercing Co.™, owned and operated out of Southern California.We  developed a simple and much needed product for the piercing community! The NoPull Piercing Disc™ is such an obvious product, our customers wonder WHY it has never been available before now!

The NoPull Piercing Disc™ was originally designed specifically for oral piercings, and wearers of Labret Studs. We have since discovered a very important use for the Disc, which has proven to aid in the healing of hypertrophic scarring in cartilage piercings. The 7mm medical grade silicone Disc lies between the affected area, and the flat back of the jewelry. The NoPull Piercing Disc™ is a comfortable cushion of silicone, which keeps the jewelry backing from causing irritation, additional swelling, or becoming imbedded in your piercing. When worn against cartilage scarring, NoPull Piercing Disc is proven to flatten and heal cartilage bumps safely, quickly, without discomfort, and without anxiety!  Purchase a package for personal use

The NoPull Piercing “Disc”™ is the first of what we hope will be many comfortable, worry-free piercing products for the piercing community in the future.  We guarantee that your experience with NoPull Piercing Co.will always be just as it should; professional, prompt, honest, and we will always provide a high quality product!


Barbara Winters, Owner / Developer
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