• PLEASE SEE TEMPORARY SHIPPING INFORMATION. 150 pieces at $0.41 per unit (minimum order)  Studio Name Required!!
    Suggested retail price: $2.50 - $5.00 per unit
    7mm round w/ 14g center hole - Fits 18g - 14g
    Autoclaveable for initial piercings
    Customer can re-use for possible future issues

    150 pieces at $0.41 per unit (minimum order)

    • Temporarily - Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, International Mail disruption is Worldwide. We are temporarily adding $10 to our shipping fee, which is part of the additional cost to upgrade to USPS Priority Mail. 

      We always ship immediately, and we also want you to receive your orders in a timely manner, like usual.  Our $20.00 (1st Class) shipping fee, will be $30.00, and we are shipping your orders by USPS Priority Mail.  

      (The actual cost to ship USPS Priority Mail is about $37.00.  NoPull Piercing Co., LLC will cover the additonal cost, and does not profit from shipping fees, retail or wholesale. Your orders should arrive without incident._  

      During this time, please stay well, and we hope that your business thrives again soon.  We very much appreciate your business, and your understanding. We always want your experience with NoPull Piercing Co., LLC to be a positive one.  



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