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piercing jewelry with Nopull Piercing Discs

Piercing Disc

Safely heal your piercings at home by placing THE original NoPull Piercing Disc®  on almost any jewelry type.

Small quantities for individual use.

Wholesale lots for piercers and tattoo shops.

Trusted by professional piercing and tattoo studios in over 100 countries and counting.

The original NoPull Piercing Disc® was designed for the protection of new or sensitive piercings, providing a comfortable cushion of soft, medical-grade silicone. Users around the world realized the disc can also initiate healing of piercings with hypertrophic and granuloma scarring; the "dreaded bump" that can develop in a new or long-healed piercings.

NoPull Piercing Discs

The NoPull Piercing Disc® protects soft tissue piercings and prevents jewelry backing from causing irritation or sinking, which can happen with any piercing when swollen.

The discs are very easy to apply to existing piercings at home. When worn for 2-4 weeks, hypertrophic scarring will smooth out and can even completely heal. See the testimonies of our many customers for examples.


For new piercings, a professional will fit you with proper jewelry allowing room for normal swelling. Take the Discs to your piercer, who can autoclave and install the Disc with your new jewelry. The medical-grade silicone Disc rests between the fresh piercing and flat back of the jewelry, until swelling subsides.

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