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  • NEW!!  100 pieces NoPull "Standard 7mm" at $0.48 per unit (minimum order)  

    Your Studio Name is Required
    Suggested retail price: $2.50-5.00 per unit
    7mm round w/ 14g center hole - Fits 18g - 14g
    Autoclavable for initial piercings
    Customer can re-use for possible future issues


    Made in the USA

    100 pieces 7mm at $0.48 per unit (Studio Name Required)

    • For the purpose of quality control, NoPull Piercing Co., LLC does not permit online/web resale, or sale of Wholesale lots of our Product to other professionals.  NoPull Piercing Disc® is for use, and for sale, in-studio only.  When you are purchasing our Product for your Studio, you are agreeing to comply with Policies.  

      We appreciate your business, and your trust in our Product, for your client's piercing comfort and health.  

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